Boating Safety Devices are an additional layer of protection to help prevent injury from falls overboard or engine startup injuries....

With MOBAS “Man Over-Board Alarm System", you can have falls overboard protection without tethers. Simply attach the Transmitter to the Operator and Passengers. MOBAS is activated as soon as the Ignition is in the ON position.  During a falls overboard event, immediately upon detection of water, the Transmitter will transmits a Keelog Coded Signal to the Control Module located at the helm, which will sound an audible and visual alarm, immediately shutting down the motor(s). Others still onboard can quickly press the Bypass Switch, place the motor control in neutral and restart the motor and safely retrieve the person in the water.

If you are with Law Enforcement or First Responder on the Waterways, you understand the need for your equipment to properly function so that you can complete your mission.  Scanning your Transmitter or Jamming your Proximity signal for your Wireless Motor Kill Switch, can shutdown your motor(s) thus preventing you from completing your mission.  For ElectronicCountermeasures, the Air Force transmits White Noise to jam radio signals.  That can cause the lose of signal to the Receiver for Proximity Wireless Tethers, thus causing a false activation and stopping your motor(s).  The MOBAS only transmits a signal when submersion in water is detected.  Proximity Wireless Tethers continuosly transmits (pinging) it's receiver to let the receiver know that it is still there. MOBAS loss of the signal while being jammed by White Noise will not shutdown your motor(s).  The Keelog Security Coded Signal prevents the signal from being scanned and used to shut down your motor.  The Transmitter transmits the Keelog Security Coded Signal with the individual Transmitter Serial Number, {which is a one in a million number}, along with the code hoping technology, you can feel secure that your Unit can't be scanned and used against you nor can an outside transmission of white noise shut down your motors, unlike other wireless motor shutdown devices.

Maritech Industry MOBAS adds another layer of protection for falls overboard, reboarding, propeller strike and engine starts.  Our Man Over-Board Alarm System, MOBAS, meets or exceeds ABYC standards for Emergency  Cut-Off Devices (ABYC A-33).    
USCG Propeller Injury Avoidance
Read what the USCG has to say about propeller injury avoidance in this insightful brochure on where the marine industry is headed (PDF 884K).

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